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Private lab and office workspaces designed exclusively for life science companies.

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StudioLabs at Governor Pointe

San Diego, CA


StudioLabs at One Milestone

Boston, MA

Design your experiments in one of our StudioLabs

StudioLabs by Breakthrough was designed so that you can do science on Day 1. Speed-to-market means more time to focus on meeting your milestones and running experiments.

Each StudioLabs is designed to maximize creativity and further mission-critical research and development.  Developed, designed and operated by an experienced lab operations team, we know what you do, how you do it and why you do it.  


Our spaces, your science

Our StudioLabs spaces are designed exclusively for life science users, leveraging decades of  experience in premier real estate, company building and life science operations. 

Elevated Interior Design

Dedicated Concierge Team

Flex Leasing Terms

Ability to Scale

Be a part of our global community of workspaces

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What Companies Want 

Private Lab and Offices Spaces for Focused, Proprietary Work

Collaboration Spaces for Team Building and Connections to the Ecosystem.

At StudioLabs, we offer you the ability to combine private spaces with collaboration zones, thereby delivering elevated work environments that fosters innovation, where discoveries transform lives. 


Environments that Foster Innovation.

Discoveries that Transform Lives.


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